Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Argentine (Eco) Design at the New York MoMA


The New York Museum of Moder Art (MoMA) store is holding its first Argentinean Design exhibition, and we’re thrilled to see some green included. The presentation is called Destination: Buenos Aires, New Argentine Design, and is a selection for which the MoMA teemed up with the Buenos Aires Museum of Latin American Art, one of the coolest design stores that sells eco design in the city. It will last until April and includes bonded leather accessories by our featured Vacavaliente, an adorable natural clay salt and pepper set by Lola Goldstein, a collection of Patagonian porcelain recipients that resemble disposable plastic ones (great chance to switch to reusable) by Leo Battistelli, lovely fabric-monster-toys by Sopa de Principe (we believe these are from recycled fabrics, but even if they aren’t, this kind of toys are way better than plastic ones with hundreds of parts), and clever wood and non toxic lacquer toys by Laboratori. To see the complete designers list (including the non-green ones), visit the Malba website (in Spanish). To find the items, step by the Museum shop. ::MoMA Store ::Malba

Source: www.treehugger.com

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Wavy bed

Brazilian designer Roberta Rimme introduced conceptual furniture, all-in-one set which can be used by teenagers and youth as computer workplace, shelves for books and CDs/DVDs, built-in TV system, etc.
For Teenager
For Girl or Kid

source: http://www.designboom.com/eng/

Sunday, March 22, 2009


coffee table 3 Decorative 1970s Coffee Table  Travail Francaiscoffee table Decorative 1970s Coffee Table  Travail Francaiscoffee table 2 Decorative 1970s Coffee Table  Travail Francais

Al has created a coffee table that decorated with aluminum graphic artwork on top. The mosaic pattern has turned out a very good effect with the mixtures of silver color in mat and glossy finish and a highlighting color in gold.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Origami Solarcell Lamp is just stunning

Origami is a fascinating art. The intricate shapes that can be created with simple folds of a paper never cease to amaze me. So just imagine my excitement on viewing the “Origami Solar Lamp” (no less). This hybrid solar lamp was created way back in 2007 by Joonsoo Kim. Apparently the designer wanted to use a solar panel to create something that saved light. He resorted to Origami when he realized that the panel was not conducive to other forging ways. Using Kyosemi Company Sphelar, Kim planned a design that used Origami. The initial design was rather simple but the designer realized that more intricate the design – obviously usage of more panel – meant more light. The final result of two months of work is the star-like Origami Solarcell Lamp: a truly marvelous effort. I’m not too sure so do use Google and see if it is commercially available. Hit more for a couple of more images.

Cardboard bookshelves to enhance the decor of your living space

Cardboard furniture in the past few years has emerged as a developing area for designers, as it not just offers various interesting ways of modifying it, but (using sustainable material) also adds meaning to the designing. The latest bookshelves, produced under Eric Guiomar’s cardboard creation program, seems to be an interesting work of art that if came into production will definitely attract many a buyer. Featuring a circular shape, the furniture designs look more like sculptures than storage systems, enhancing the décor of your living as well as working spaces, while the cardboard finish makes the designer bookshelves affordable for the common masses.

Via: Freshome

Go camping with the 'Spring' extreme places tent

Pictured above is not a storage box, but a tent for adventure junkies. For someone who wants to go camping to take a break from his orher tech obsession, the “Spring” extreme places tent by Alberto Caputo looks to be a great option. It doesn’t seem to feature any power outlets or mood lighting, but the design alone is inviting enough to camp in the wilds. The Spring tent can be towed away with any vehicle as the image suggests, but I don’t understand why they have used those ski-like things instead of wheels. Anyway, the tent looks like a trailer when closed and I assume it has space inside for your adventure gear. It opens like a folding bed to reveal a spacious tent. We don’t have detailed info on the materials used in the making, but we do expect the Spring tent to be really strong and durable. This is one of the roomiest tents I’ve ever seen. Hit the jump to see how this box transforms into a full-size tent.

Spectrus USB Hub minimizes wire clutter

Inspired by prism light, Russian design studio Art Lebedev has popped up with an innovative USB hub that will connect all required peripherals while working on your system. Hailed as the Spectrus USB Hub, the USB port can connect seven USB inputs simultaneously, keeping all the wires organized around your system. Apart from its functional usage, the USB hub features a glossy design resembling a rainbow. Everything about the prism USB hub seems perfect, apart from the fact that it’s just a concept at the moment, and you will have to wait for some time to get one.

Hypnosis: Chair that transforms into a lounge

Don’t have enough space to place a chair and a lounger simultaneously in your apartment? Then you should have a look at “Hypnosis,” which is an innovative chair that transforms into a chair lounge according to the availability of space and the need of the users. Containing two parts, back and leg holder, the multifunctional furniture by Dzmitry Samal comes with a slider that glides the leg holder along the arc to conceal it under the back. And the user can do this alignment, supported by a peculiar mechanism, with a mere push of a button. The practical chair-cum-lounge, featuring a metal base and vibrant colors, can be an ideal option for outdoors as well.

I-Sopod: Pure and serene retreat to relax your senses

After a hectic day at work, we just need a fresh and calm atmosphere to shed the work anxiety and relax our senses. A team of professional designers and engineers at Floatworks has designed a floating tank that promises to settle down your nerves with an astounding floating experience. Called “I-Sopod,” the floating pod featuring revolutionary filtration system (operating at 1 micron) presents a pure and relaxed atmosphere to calm your mental strain. The pod makes use of refined marine grade stainless steel in the pipe work, while the fiber construction is reinforced by double-skinned glass. The I-Sopod not just provides an ideal atmosphere for relaxation but its unique design gives it an artistic look. Moreover, the pod comes with a remote control with digital LCD screen, enabling users to organize their floating sessions with minimum fuss.

Origo: Is it a coffee table or origami sculpture?

Over the period we have marked a drastic change in the stuff and designing of home and office furniture that shedding its customary looks have now turned into an essential décor for modern apartments. Developed by Javier Palomares for Dellarobbia USA, the Origo Coffee Table is yet another diversion form the stereotype, displaying a rather unusual design for a table. The new coffee table derives inspiration from origami folds, with each face divided into three-dimensional triangular shapes that pick a different grade of light according to its angle. This results in an interesting composition of light and dark shades. The coffee table is finished with high gloss graphite and white polyurethane on CNC MDF frame, while the 10 mm tempered silkscreen black and white glass enhances its beauty. The Origo Coffee Table measuring about 42″w x 42″d x 13″h is simply a work of art by the designer.

Portable lamps illustrate the detective novel

Inspired by the course of events and the atmosphere in Karin Robling’s detective novel, the “People” is an innovative collection of portable lamps that allow a great flexibility to the users while playing with their ideas. Users may put down the lamp on the floor, apart from pulling it up to a standing position through a cord inside the support bar that is divided into different parts. For an upright position, all you have to do is fasten and lock the string at the foot of the lamp. The portable lamp is truly a unique blending of thoughts, like the door closed, footsteps on the stairs etc., materialized by means of a lighting design.

Via: MocoLoco

MonPot tell you when a plant needs water

Some plants need very special care, while others, like cactus, buddleia, red-hot poker etc., don’t even require water on a regular basis. But if you are not an expert, it becomes difficult to categorize and cure (or water) your plants at the right time. However, designer Julien Bergignat has designed an innovative potholder, called the “MonPot,” with a built-in rotating timer that alerts users to do the watering (of a particular plant) in time. Inspired by an oven, the potholder is required to be rotated to a particular setting, so it turns off when plant requires water.

Dancing Apartment with green credentials

Designed by Unsangdong Architects, the Dancing Apartment is a radical structure that promises to create life associations by mixing different units or putting differences between units. Located in South Korea, the modern structure is capable of fulfilling the needs and liking of different groups within the apartment. Featuring different community spaces, including parks, leisure facilities, event space, a library, media space and performance space, the apartments are constructed using oblique lines with each unit boasting a terrace. The facade of the building is woven with stepped levels, punctuated with greenery, which gives a green terrace to all the units. Moreover, residents can raise the ceiling of a few of their living spaces, while others can create two stories inside their home. The Dancing Apartment offering three-dimensional indoor spaces is simply an architectural marvel by the Korean firm.

Coffee shop on wheels!

Designed by Daniel Milchtein, this Mobile Coffee Shop is as cool as a wine bar on wheels. The whole coffee shop is fitted inside the truck. It carries coffee machines that hopefully make cappuccino, latte, macchiato or ristretto at the touch of a button. The bar stools can be taken out anywhere you want to set up your coffee shop. Forget the features; this mobile coffee shop is all about the neat and inviting design. If this thing gets real, I would love to stop by for a cup of hot coffee. More shots of the stunning coffee truck after the jump...

Modular storage unit allows interaction with user and environment

Presenting an unusual combination of electronic appliances’ aesthetics and the simplicity of Meccano assemblies, designer María Lecanda has come up with a playful storage unit that not just provides a good storage area, but also allows interaction with the user and the environment. Called “Toc Toc,” the modular storage unit can be shaped or arranged in various patterns, from three different modular storage units, according to the need and availability of space. Users can let their imagination run wild and play with ideas. The storage unit is made of lacquered MDF with polyester finish, while aluminum bolts lock the inner modules into position, providing further versatility and adaptation to its user. Each module, creating aesthetic patterns, measures 540 x 540 x 310.

PL-Y: Modular lighting for modern apartments

The PL-Y modular lighting system is yet another unique product from the house of Unleaded. Featuring inter-changeable modules, the modular lighting system lets users design their own lighting patterns according to their taste or liking. The three-dimensional units come in the shape of the English alphabet “Y,” which you can use either individually or collectively, creating an altogether new lighting structure. The PL-Y presenting a crisp radiant glow can be fixed on both the wall as well as the ceiling, which offers endless possibilities to decorate your living place. Not too bad an option for bars and restaurants either.

The Sofa’: Where past meets the future

Imagine a form composed of a simple object of everyday use. Imagine it to have passed through the process of artistic conceptualization. Now hail “The Sofa” by Ivan Venkov. The Sofa is a concept which links the past with the future. It is a weird, nonetheless imaginative and attractive design for a couch. The past gets represented in form of “symbolic tusks” and a fur that’s tossed over. The future, one would guess, gets represented in the imaginative design itself, along with the metallic finish. Symbolically, Ivan says, The Sofa has been tagged as such because the various forms are joined much as people. The object symbolically stands for “relations and their constructions.” As far as the utility is concerned, The Sofa looks to be lacking. It is safer in the realms of artistic symbolism and futuristic conceptualization.

A chair that rolls like a carpet!

Now, this is something we can call an ingenious design. The MIESROLO, designed by Uros Vitas, is a rollable chair made of wood rests connected via synthetic bands. This Dinamic Cantilever Chair grabbed the first place at Wood Agency Design Contest Belgrade 2008. Roll the chair and take it anywhere with you. When you need to set it up, simply open it to make a chair-like structure, as shown in the image above. I doubt the ergonomics, but the designer definitely derserves a pat on his back for coming up with the nifty idea.

10 best cardboard designs, green and beautiful

Cardboard designs are all the rage these days, as they not only give various interesting ways of approaching them to the designers but also help the users go green. In recent times, we have seen some of the most stunning cardboard creations that will change your perception about recyclable designs. Check them out…

Pacific Cycles’ folding bike grabs international design award

If you haven’t yet considered folding bikes to be a great commuting option, you need to take a look at the Pacific Cycles’ iF Mode folding bike that grabbed a gold award at CeBIT, the world’s largest trade fair in Hanover, Germany. Designed by Mark Sanders, the stunning bike avoids oily chains, complex tubes with hidden dirt traps and the mess of traditional bicycle features. The iF Mode boasts the company’s iF (Integrated Folding) technology that offers a single-action, automatic fold, with no need for tools or removal of parts. The bike is able to perform like any other full-size bike on the streets. The iF Product Design Award is held annually by International Forum (iF) Design in Hanover. Check out more images and video after the jump.

Link Scooter System - Rent, ride and return!

Why buy an electronic scooter when you can rent it? This is the novel idea behind the Link scooter system, designed by Anton Grimes of University of New South Wales. It’s basically a modular transport solution, which allows users to hire a small, lightweight electronic scooter from a hub. When the user has reached his destination, he can return the scooter at another hub for recharging. The existing light poles will take care of the charging process, which reduces the overall cost of the unit. The scooters come with a pull release mechanism that makes the scooter folding process really easy. Both the scooter and hub are made from strong and durable aluminum castings. The brushed aluminum finish for the unit complements the existing street furniture. The hiring process is quite simple as the user just needs to follow the instructions on the soft interface. The top speed of the scooter is pre-set at 16km/h and the user is issued with a must-wear helmet when they register to use the system. The device was specially conceptualized to suit the Sydney 2030 plan to reduce cars in the CBD and make the city more pedestrian oriented.

Pull more for more light!

There are times when you wish you could just do something unusual and interesting with a product that has remained the same for years. The “store” by Marc Venot is a rollable lighting system that would look really artistic inside your living room. All you need to do is to hold the fabric from the both ends and then pull it out from the tube to increase the luminosity. Well, we couldn’t find detailed info on the “store” rollable lighting fixture, but the whole idea of rollable light looks interesting and inviting to me.

First ceramic tile with built-in photoelectric cell and lighting module

In the past few years, solar power has emerged as a vital source of energy for contemporary designers to power their gadgets or products, allowing users to adopt a sustainable lifestyle even without compromising with the luxuries of modern life. Harnessing the solar power, designers Giulio and Valerio Vinaccia (Integral Studio Vinaccia) has come up with first ceramic tile that features a built-in photoelectric cell and lighting module to enlighten your living place with sustainable energy. Called the “Solar Module,” the ceramic tiles boasts a symmetrical and interchangeable front and back, which can be installed or customized according to the requirement of the users. Apart from decorating the interior, the furnishing panel protects your place from direct sunlight, and converts it into sustainable energy, during daytime to light up your evenings. The Solar Module measuring 15cm x 15cm with maximum thickness of 3.5cm also features a glossy design that is ideal for both commercial as well as residential apartments.

Via: Dezona

The re-GROWTH pod: Permanent and built to expand upon!

Prefab homes are getting all the attention these days. The re-GROWTH pod is a cost-effective, pre-fabricated housing unit designed to help rebuild the fire-devastated regions of Australia. It’s a completely self-contained concrete service pod. The aim of the project is to offer a fully prefabricated, quickly erectable and safe central service pod. Initially, the house pod is meant to be used as a temporary bathroom and kitchen for those who are in the early stages of rebuilding their homes, but the true purpose is to have the permanent home. Rather than a temporary solution, the pod is the first building block in re-establishing a home. The housing units can be delivered and connected to services quickly, so that the people can start the re-building, without the worry of being getting displaced from their communities. The re-GROWTH pod is fireproof, waterproof, pest proof, earthquake resistant, recyclable and extremely durable. Check out the video for the re-Growth pod assembly animation after the jump.

Pillow Chair: Rest your bottom, anywhere, anytime

Mobility and ease are the basic motifs in any product that you look at these days. Smaller electronic items and modular furniture are glaring examples of this trend. Demonstrating this, quite ably if I may add, is the “Pillow Chair.” Wilm Fuchs and Kai Funk are a designer team based in Berlin. Their Pillow Chair is a seat that folds up into a formation that’s no larger than a briefcase; and I’d imagine it would weigh just as much. The padding seems comfortable enough and the Pillow Chair offers another advantage in that one could just squat on it and use it as a seating pad on the floor. Seems just perfect for a relaxing day out in the park.

Think Outside: Out of the box keyboard for portable devices

Portable systems, like notebooks or netbooks, and accessories may prove useful during journeys, but you cannot work on your handy gadgets with equal efficiency as you do it on your standard size gadgets. However, the “Think Outside” folding keyboard is an out of the box accessory that gets along with your portable systems without marring the performance. Presenting a unique four-part construction, which slides apart, folds together and collapses upon itself, the Think Outside is the first full-size folding keyboard of its kind. No matter you are in or outside your home, the foldable keyboard promises to make your portable devices highly practical.

Shair Chair doubles as a workstation

Inspired by sea waves, the Shair by designer Brian Moy is a multifunctional seat for two that doubles as a small workstation where you may place your portable devices. The two sitting spots of the chair are of different heights, allowing people of different lengths to sit on it. Finished with corrugated cardboard sheets, three horizontal and 36 vertical, the low cardboard seat locks together, using a system of slots without any glue or tape, while the I-beam inspired geometry (despite the curves and arches) makes it extremely strong. Regardless of its solid form, the chair is not just comfortable to sit on but also highly portable, as it can be disassembled and packed flat with minimum fuss. The seating systems is very compact in size and measures just 1 foot (height), 32 inches (depth) and 3 ft (wide).

MIR: Radio Alarm Clock to make your morning melodious

Looking like a space satellite at first glance, the MIR by designer Klaus Rosburg is a radio alarm clock for green geeks interested in the latest NASA discoveries every morning. The solar-powered clock, taking inspiration from orbiting satellites in space, comes with two rotating solar wings that harness solar energy to wake you up in the morning. Featuring a golden finish, the sustainable clock also includes a speaker and a LCD display to watch the time. Moreover, the MIR boasts an FM radio that will make your morning melodious. Everything about the radio alarm clock seems perfect, apart from the fact that it’s just a concept at the moment, and you’ll have to wait for some time to lay your hands on it.

Modular furniture unit adds ‘more’ space to your living area

Scheduled to be launched at the Milan Design Week 09 next month, the More is an innovative furniture unit that allows the users to play with their ideas while being functional. Designed by Giorgio Caporaso, the modular furniture unit can be modified into a bookshelf, a table, a chair or a separating unit, and it does not require any specific tool for this. Users can increase or reduce the size of the furniture according to their likings and availability of space in the living room. The More, allowing more flexibility to the users, would be an ideal furniture unit for compact residential as well as commercial apartments.

Nothing agency is a cardboard wonder house

Head to Amsterdam and witness a construction that’s quite a phenomenon. There, a commercial creative agency going by the name of “Nothing” has just taken shape. Started by Michael Jansen and Bas Korsten, the Nothing office is a rare construction in that it is constructed entirely out of cardboard. Designers Alrik Koudenburg and Joost van Bleiswijk are behind this unusual creation. Everything in the office – walls, beams, tables, shelving and even stairs – is made of cardboard. The Nothing team was terribly fascinated with the idea of creating something out of nothing; an idea that’s behind the company’s name as well. The pictures attached to this bit prove just how much thought has been put into constructing the Nothing office. Spacious, classy and original, the Nothing office is marvelous, and in all probability, cheap as well. And don’t read too much into those neat walls. The cardboard is intended to double up as an impromptu canvas for the visitors. A facility already been used by illustrator Fiodor Sumkin. Check out more pics after jump.

See-through Chanel Perspex Briefcase

I am not sure if anyone would like to carry such a briefcase down the road, but this unusual briefcase design definitely deserves a mention. Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld showcased his black take on power suiting for Chanel this week in Paris and one of the highlights was the Chanel Perspex Briefcase designed for working women. The transparent briefcase comes with slots to hold a purse, lipstick, sunglasses, iPod and other ladies’ stuff. We are not assuming it to be just a catwalk prop, so we might see the thing for real. Any buyers?

Corvette-inspired LH4 biodiesel hybrid opens like a clamshell phone

Competitors from all around the world participated for the Progressive Automotive X Prize with their stunning creations. One of the major highlights of the event was the Corvette-inspired biodiesel hybrid by Lightning Hybrids. The carbon fiber LH4 is claimed to sprint from 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds and can manage 100 mpg. The concept car relies on a 90-horsepower Volkswagen diesel engine, which is mated to a 150 horsepower Rexroth hydraulic hybrid system. The company CEO, Dan Johnson, cited that no other firm is using this technology for smaller cars. Till date, the Rexroth hydraulic hybrid system has been used in delivery trucks only. Coming to the form factor, the LH4 opens like a clamshell phone. The stunning shape of the LH4 was inspired by the 1963 Corvette restored and owned by Johnson. The clamshell design allows for better aerodynamics and the carbon fiber body keeps the car’s weight to just 1,750 pounds.

Bus shelters that remind you of your extra fat!

You better not sit on this if you are hiding your extra flab. Netherlands-based health club operator Fitness First has planned to set up weight meters at some of the bus shelters in the city of Amsterdam. While the person sits on the nearby bench, the machine tells the actual weight. The back of the bench has a chart that shows if the person is above the ideal weight. The idea of bus shelters with weight meters is not new to us, but the installation concept by Fitness First looks quite trendy. These weight meters would be a great way for the lasses to flatter their figure.

Coco display system - Try taking your eyes off!

Great for corner and window displays, the Coco is a new take on the design of merchandise display stands. At first glance, the Coco looks to be a plant full of buds that open upwards in an aesthetic way. The name alone, which stands for “coconut” in many Latin-derived languages, gives us a feeling of something round, fresh and lively. The Coco is basically composed of an aluminum supporting stem and a shell-like compartment, which is meant for displaying any kind of stuff. The space inside is fitted with LED spotlights and a double rotation system, which makes it an ideal product for creating stores within stores, window displays and presentations. The transparent door of the Coco comes complete with hinges and deadlock. Once you look at the Coco, chances are rare that you will take your eyes off without noticing what’s inside. Unusual and interesting design, innovative industrial techniques and the state-of-the-art materials used make Coco stand apart from all the other display units. The Coco, which is available in a range of models and color schemes, is sure to enhance the value of any kind of product placed inside it.

Hammokum to create an intimate space in Dutch homes

Especially designed for the residents of Amsterdam, the Hammokum from IN.DESIGN is an innovative hammock, which will make up for the unavailability of a balcony in the houses located in the Dutch capital. Easy to install, the hammock makes an intimate space (outside the window) for the users where they can relax, sleep, work, read or just enjoy the sun and the space around them. The Hammokum not just creates a comfortable place, but it also ensures the security measures as it comes with a safety belt and ropes to keep you safe and intact. Moreover, the users can remove the hammock and close the structure, after each use, with minimum fuss.

Philips Xenium X530 allows nonstop chat for eight hours

Reviving the flip phone format, Philips has come up with a cool looking phone that promises non-stop chat for about eight hours (or up to 850 hours of stand-by time) before juicing it up again. Dubbed the “Xenium X530,” the clamshell phone concept is conceptualized by a Chinese company and boasts Tri-band GSM/EDGE connectivity (900/1800/1900 MHz), 2.2″ wide display screen with 240×320 pixels and 262K colors. The Xenium X530, complementing its elegant flip cover, also includes 1″ OLED external display, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP connectivity, music player support, an integrated FM radio with RDS and 2-megapixel camera. Though there is no word on pricing and availability at the moment, the Xenium X530 will be available in Asia and Europe soon.

Røys storage unit doubles as sound absorbing room divider

With big luxury homes turning into small apartments in modern urban environments, storage space becomes an important part of your home enhancement, for it can just make or break the décor of your living space. The “Røys” by Permafrost and Katharina Styren, is an innovative furniture unit that complements the interior of modern apartments, apart from offering ample space for storing books and other objects. The shelving unit, resting on a slight angle, displays books on a standing position that creates an appealing effect. Above all, the storage space also works as a sound absorbing room divider, which clearly stands it apart from the rest. Now, with a multifunctional unit you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite program or music aloud without disturbing your roommate.

Hermitage Plaza to create a sustainable community in Paris

Slated to be completed in 2014, the Hermitage Plaza by Norman Foster + Partners presenting twin faceted skyscrapers will create a 24-hour sustainable community on the outskirts of the capital of art and design, Paris. Standing tall at 323 meters, the skyscrapers will become the tallest mixed-use towers in Western Europe, only if some other ambitious project wouldn’t come out of the blue in between. Featuring a high-performance glazed facade ripped into faceted panels for shading and exterior vents for natural ventilation, the Paris twin towers would house a hotel, spa, panoramic apartments, offices and serviced apartments. Flanking the Seine River, the sustainable towers would also accommodate a shopping complex at the base. The Hermitage Plaza, due to break ground next year, would infuse an artistic spirit to the commercial area of the city.

The Tank Chair for lazy bums' easy mobility

For all those who believe furniture need not be strictly utilitarian, designer J-Michael has come up with an outside the box piece of furniture that will just attract the attention of the guests visiting your place. Hailed as the “Tank Chair,” the funky rolling chair will possibly allow users to move effortlessly around the room or garden without leaving the seat. Very unlikely, the cool looking chair isn’t inspired by the treads of an army tank, rather the designer drew inspiration while working at an equipment rental store. The Tank Chair might not look comfortable to sit on, but it’ll definitely turn out to be an interesting seat for your kids, who’ll simply enjoy rolling on it.

Lotto Turm stacks shipping containers for high and green architecture

We have already witnessed few of the most unique shipping container structures in the past, but the “Lotto Turm” by designer Lars Behrendt is an ambitious project that will revitalize the “Oesterreichischer Platz,” presently a parking spot in Stuttgart, Germany. Sliced in two parts, the temporary structure will be erected using 55 shipping containers piled one top of each other. Featuring different zones, terraces and stairways, the new structure will include a traffic and noise free courtyard and a high-rise tower that will be surrounded by an artificial path. The Lotto Turm will not just boast a unique design but also help the residents in adopting and supporting a sustainable lifestyle.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Great Green Design: The Heineken Bottle That Doubles as a Building Material

Here’s another wickedly smart green design idea- manufacture beer bottles so they can be reused as a building material.


Heineken manufactured these purely awesome bottles back in 1963 because one of their brewers saw the lack of cheap building materials and the glut of beachside bottle litter while on vacation in the Caribbean. Functional, green, economical, and gorgeous to boot. We need more of this.

Link [Frostfirezoo]

UNLESS: GREEN ‘TIO’ CHAIR by Conscious Design


Green Chair, Tio Chair, Conscious Design, Unless Design, new zealand green design, sustainable furniture design

The Tio Chair from New Zealand-based Conscious Design is green in more ways that one. Designed by Nathan Goldsworthy, Stu Barr and James Whitta, Tio’s wood frame is environmentally-friendly, built from selectively-logged pine from managed forests, and put together with water base adhesives free of any dangerous toxins. For added versatility, put several Tios next to one another to create a love seat or a three seater. Those lucky enough to be near the Unless‘ showroom come March 10th will get to view the Tio Chair first hand. We’re definitely jealous.

(Inter)Face the Green Future


Today we are looking at a truly inspiring story of sustainability in business. In August 1994, Interface's Chairman and CEO, Ray Anderson, received The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken. This book instigated Anderson's mission to transform the whole corporate culture of Interface to become infused with sustainability, so much so that it leads the industry today.

Today's Featured Radio Guests:

Steve Arbaugh - Vice President of Retail & Strategic Alliances for InterfaceFlor and
Jeff Roman - Vice President of Information Services and Business Development for InterfaceFlor a huge modular carpet company with with a super committment to sustainability.

Your Tuesday Green Wrap Up


Today's show sums up great green choices available for consumers. We highlight green innovation in the news, and finally wrap with an overview of the issues surrounding locally grown food and organic farming.

Great Green Choices:

For stylish, eco-friendly furniture see Modern Bamboo, Rhubarb Decor, RC Green, and Knu Furniture.

For information about building your own eco-friendly kitchen, check out the book The Lazy Environmentalist: Your guest to Easy Stylish Green Living.

Other Topics Covered On Today's Show:
Science Barge

Body Glove Eco Wetsuit

Art for Art's Sake; Art for Earth's Sake.


L'art pour l'art? Not today. Our guests share with us how to use art to help solve the serious climate challenge we face as a planet.

Today's Featured Radio Guests:

Donna Wingate
- Co-founder and executive director of the Precipice Alliance increasing awareness of the global effects of climate change y funding high-profile, innovative public artworks that address this urgent matter.

Mary Ellen Carroll - Conceptual artist who created "Indestructible Language", a large scale piece in Jersey City, NJ consisting of 8-foot high illuminated characters, spelling out the phrase: IT IS GREEN THINKS NATURE EVEN IN THE DARK.

Reclaim Your Style With Reclaimed Materials

Is your house in need of renovation, remodeling, and rebirth? Today's show is all about how reclaimed materials can help your home reach it's ultimate style potential. Our guests show us how already used wood, metal, and tile can be reused to be more sleek the second time around.

Sattie Clark
- Co-founder and Principle of Eleek, maker of sustainable hardware, countertops, sinks, tiles, and lighting.

Andrew Dickson - Co-founder, CEO, and Principle Designer for Acronym Designs, maker of modern, sustainable furniture.

Website of the Day:
Goodsearch.com - Yahoo powered search engine which channels money to the charity organization of your choice with the mere click of the mouse.

-- Margaret

Green and Fab: The Power of Prefab

Green affordable design driven homes are here with these great prefab options. Going green for your entire home can be as easy as one purchase with these stylish and exceptional prefab homes.

Today's Featured Radio Guests:

Rocio Romero - Founder and CEO of Rocio Romero LLC a multidisciplinary firm that designs, manufactures, builds, ships, and sells green kit homes.

Quincy Vale and John Rossi - President and Design Principal of Power POD, a prefab company ideal for industrial, business and personal applications.

Companies, Projects and Products Mentioned on Today's Show:

Website of the Day:

Engadget.com - Coolest and most cutting edge green technology on the market is displayed and discussed on this heavily trafficked website (over 60,000 hits a day).

Product of the Day:

- Power your gadgets with these long-lasting rechargeable batteries that eliminate the need to continually purchase and dispose of standard alkaline batteries.

HauteGREEN - An exhibition of the best in sustainable design for the contemporary home, showcasing furniture, lighting, and accessories that are both aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly.